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The Bitmap Brothers: Odyssey


A heavyweight transparent 12” vinyl featuring the greatest hits of legendary UK software house The Bitmap Brothers, famed for their cutting edge compositions and title theme collaborations with leading electronic music acts of the era. This official release collects some of the most celebrated videogame music of the 16-bit era, including Bomb the Bass’ ‘Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)’ from Xenon 2, Nation XII’s ‘Into the Wonderful’ from Gods, and Joi’s theme to The Chaos Engine. All tracks have been specially captured and remastered for this vinyl-only release, presented in a fluro orange sleeve featuring exclusive artwork by Bitmaps artist Dan Malone.

A1 Xenon, theme, David Whittaker, 1988
A2 Speedball, theme, David Whittaker, 1988
A3 Xenon 2, Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13), Bomb the Bass, 1989
A4 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, theme, Richard Joseph, 1990
A5 Cadaver, theme, Richard Joseph, 1990
A6 Magic Pockets, Doin’ the Do, Betty Boo, 1991
A7 Gods, Into the Wonderful, Nation XII, 1991

B1 The Chaos Engine, theme, Joi, 1993
B2 The Chaos Engine, World 1, Richard Joseph, 1993
B3 The Chaos Engine, World 2, Richard Joseph, 1993
B4 The Chaos Engine, World 3, Richard Joseph, 1993
B5 The Chaos Engine 2, theme, Richard Joseph, 1996
B6 The Chaos Engine 2, Future World, Richard Joseph, 1996
B7 Z, Volcanic, Chris Maule, 1996

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315 × 315 mm

180g transparent


Fluro orange Pantone ink