Like a Hurricane: An Unofficial Oral History of Street Fighter II


Like a Hurricane tells the story of the creation of one of the most important and beloved videogames of all time – Street Fighter II – and its subsequent impact on the industry, its creators, and the game-playing public that so warmly embraced it.

The culmination of several years of research by games writer Matt Leone, Like a Hurricane gathers together over 60 voices, spread across continents, disciplines and companies, speaking candidly on the vision, fearlessness, and bold ambition that made Street Fighter II a household name.

A collaboration between Read-Only Memory and Polygon, Like a Hurricane is an extended and enhanced print adaptation of Matt Leone’s series of in-depth oral histories, published online in serial form by Polygon. This physical version has been extended and enhanced for print, featuring over 50 specially commissioned illustrations and extra research content.

Featuring: Takashi ‘Piston’ Nishiyama, Hiroshi ‘Finish’ Matsumoto, Noritaka ‘Poo’ Funamizu, Yoko ‘Shimo-P’ Shimomura, and more than 50 others, including dozens of former Capcom employees, former Gamest magazine editor Zenji Ishii, combo video pioneer Tomotaka ‘TZW’ Suzuki, U.S. Street Fighter box artist Mick McGinty, Incredible Technologies CEO Elaine Hodgson, and former Capcom USA CEO Bill Gardner.

Street Fighter is an intellectual property of Capcom Co., Ltd. This publication contains no intellectual property or licensed material related to the Street Fighter videogame series and is not licensed, approved, or endorsed by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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188 × 250 mm





Deep embossed case boards
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